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nice app but ...

Dec 9, 2009 at 8:04 AM

I there.

I discovered this app a few weeks ago an i must admit it'sthe most stable of all the similar aps i've tested (congratulations).

To be honest i wish some stuff would be "improved" (haven't tested 0.11 yet but I will) :

-  hotfile captchas are longer than the tiny box you show ( let's say 10 chars for your box and 12 for the captcha)

- i wish we could have a "rightclick -> add"-feature in the main frame.

- i must tell you i'm surfing with an eeepc which is 7" : the "add window" is enormous for a 800*480 resolution.

- download queue is not that clear (i never know which file will be next, and i don't know if we can change orders)

- do you have a "remain download time feature"   ?

- and last, but maybe most important for me, i like to see logs (sorry). Can we imagine than a lower part of the screen could be used to dissplay logs instead of clicking in the upper menu to see them ?

Sorry for all these remarks and once again, this app is for me a must-have.



Dec 10, 2009 at 7:50 PM


The last thing I have ever expect is that this application is stable. Maybe because I think about it from developer point of view. :)

Before I will add mentioned issues I have some questions:

- Is it "right click -> add" necessary? In version 0.11.0 I added toolbar with this feature.

- I agree that "add window" could be smaller, but how does the main window look in 800*480 resolution? Is it ok, or should be changed?

Thank you for feedback,


Dec 18, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Completely agree with Pook,..

I just have enough with other download apps,..i expect nothing more from mdownloader.

Surprise just works.

Thank you.

I second to ""remain download time feature" and "auto shutdown"

The only annoying thing was the Net Framework 3.5 SP1 prequisite..i don't know which file i must install  / download, i grab both full 400 MB package (Net Framework 3.5 and Net Framework 3.5 SP1). It took me 4 hours (on 512kbps) just to try the mdownloader.

But it worth the time.

Thank you again..


Can mdownloader skip/detect the link that is inactive?

What i mean with inactive is not a dead link, but the link (Like which show "the file is only availabe to premium user" OR "your daily limit quota has been reach" OR "currently no slots available for free user"

The other download manager just keep trying to download that link.

Looking forward for your reply.