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Design Requests

Aug 28, 2009 at 5:12 PM

Hello. I am enjoying your MDownloader app. It seems to be quite capable. The absolute best thing I love about it is the ability to copy and paste multiple download links into the 'scratch pad'. I do have a few design requests and suggestions though.

1. Add some color to the queued, downloaded or failed files. For example - Queued files could remain without color but if a file is currently downloaded then make the line with the file info a tan color (or something similar). If the file download is complete then make the line selection green. If the file was not found or the download failed for some reason the make the line selection red.

2. Provide application and download feedback. If you are a free user of RapidShare, for instance, then you must wait 30-90 seconds for a download. Feedback of this information would be nice to see somewhere in the main application or on the download itself. It can be displayed as a countdown timer. Once the file has been downloaded it would also be incredibly helpful if we had feedback of how much longer the MDownloader application was going to wait until it tried a new file download. (i.e. "15 minutes remaining until next download"   .... or something to that effect)

I was a Raptor download manager user prior to finding your app and these are just a few of the features they had in place that made the interface quite slick.

Here is an image of their interface.


Thank you for an awesome product!


Aug 30, 2009 at 11:40 AM

Hi, thanks for suggestions. I will take into consideration some of your tips. I will try to implement them in 0.7.x version. But I am afraid using too many colours. I prefer to use less radical form of informing user about progress or failure. But you are dead right - application should provide more feedback to user.

Sep 1, 2009 at 6:50 PM

Hi, first...sorry for my very bad

This are my suggestions or request:

1. Multiple selections of items. I'm using 0.4.0 version. I have enqueued a lots of file for download , for example...100 files from rapidshare, but when i try to delete the las 50 from the queue pending for download (using remove option) must do it one by one...multiple selections are not allowed..and is tedious. The same happens if you try to stop several files. Please, add multiple selections for the items in the queue to facilitate tasks.

2.- Add the possibility to change the position of a file in the download queue, that way if we have 100 files from rapidshare in the waiting list, for example, can move the item 90 to the position 1, so we can make download more flexible.

3.- Add the possibility to re-download a "Finished" or Failed item. This is, a file was downloaded and change the status to "finished" in the list, so if I deleted the file by mistake, can download without having to search and paste the link again.

Thank you


Sep 15, 2009 at 7:38 PM

Some of your request have already been implemented. Your second request can be achieved by changing priority of file you want to move. I can't guarantee that MDownloader downloads files in order you see them. MDownloader schedules files using scheduler priorities which are configurable in options window.