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Jul 5, 2010 at 6:33 AM

Hey... I am REALLY annoyed with this thing now. I requested u ppl to try n fix this thing earlier too.Bt... The thing is that i have a faulty network connection. and its gets disconnected at times. but than i reconnects after a while too... But once it disconnects the mdownloader just marks the links as failed and they are disabled! they have to be enabled manually.This is a real set back as i leave downloads overnight and when i get up just one or two are complete and other 10 to 12 are DISABLED! and i have to go in properties and enable them INDIVIDUALLY! cuz if u select more than one at a time u cant enable them as properties arent being shown when u right click... This is REALLY annoying.

So here are my suggestions:

  1. The links should NEVER be disabled. If a link isn't working it should try to download the next one. And once all the links are checked it should go to the top and start checking the ones it wasn't able to download again. I mean... The downloader wouldnt get tired or smthin now would it? :)
  2. Once you select more than one links all the options should be available for the group categories as well. i mean like remove link, properties, priority setting etc...

Please please please fix these in the next upgrade...